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Cups and Cones

Katie's Frozen Custard in a cup or ice cream cone!

Katie's Classic Sundaes

Your favorite sundae made with Katie's Frozen Custard and your favorite toppings.

Katie's Cyclone & Vortex

Shakes, floats, malts, & more! Enjoy Katie's Frozen Custard in one of our signature drinks.

Katie's Favorites

Our most popular custard sundaes & frozen treats!

Katie's Splits

Fresh bananas topped with Katie's Famous Custard and all your favorite banana split toppings!

Party Menu

Shakes & Floats

Try one of our shakes, floats or malts made with our Famous Katie's Frozen Custard. Chill out with a refreshing soda, lemonade, or our signature Katie's Sweet Tea.

Snacks & Meal Combos

Hot dogs, Frito pie, and more!